Man, best friend return to work

According to DeKalb County public safety headquarters, one of K-9 officer Indi’s most impressive skills is his tracking ability. That skill was put to the test on last December when Indi was shot in the head after tracking down a suspect who shot and killed DeKalb police officer Edgar Flores.

Indi found the suspect, Brandon Taylor, hiding behind a pile of tires. Indi engaged Taylor, Taylor then shot Indi. Officers returned fire and fatally wounded Taylor. The dog’s actions saved the lives of several DeKalb officers, police officials said.

Larsen, who is Indi’s handler, said “What he did that day was special. Without the dog there [the suspect] would have walked up on us. I wouldn’t be here without Indi. I think the suspect knew we were coming, but he wasn’t expecting the dog.”

On March 13 at the DeKalb County public safety headquarters, DeKalb officials announced that both Larsen and Indi have been cleared to return to work.

DeKalb County Police officer Norman Larsen and K-9 officer Indi were cleared to return to work after Indi was shot during an incident Dec. 13.

“We’ve had support from the top down and we’re grateful for that. The support has been overwhelming,” Larsen said. “We have had so much public support. You can only train for so many situations. I think all the prayers and support helped [Indi’s] recovery.”

As a result of the gunshot wound Indi suffered in December, he lost his left eye and was required to undergo a recertification process before being cleared to return to work for DKPD. Larsen said Indi showed clear signs of “drive” after the incident and tested well.

“I could tell once they took the stitches out that he didn’t lose any of his drive. We tested him on his current abilities and the facets of his job. Indi made it easy on us,” Larsen said.

Indi and Larsen have both received several awards of recognition including the Exceptional Merit Award, Meritorious Service Award and the Medal of Honor for DKPD.

Police chief James Conroy said “K-9 Indi’s action that night saved lives,” Conroy said. “He sacrificed himself for the good of the other officers.”

Indi also received a Georgia Police K9 Foundation Purple Heart and was named as a top 10 finalist for K-9 of the Year award by the K9s of Valor Foundation.


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