MARTA parking deck construction at Dunwoody Station

MARTA’s Dunwoody and Medical Center parking decks are scheduled to be closed because of construction to install new parking payment equipment for the stations. The Dunwoody Station parking deck is scheduled to be closed from June 10 to July 3. The Medical Center parking deck will be closed from June 4 to June 27.

This temporary closure is needed to install new entry and exit gates, ticket dispensers, fee payment machines, license-plate recognition cameras, as well as technology for running the system, according to a news release. In the future, this system will be compatible to MARTA’s Automated Fare Collection, which means customers will be able to pay for parking and fares through a single MARTA app on their mobile device(s).  New payment kiosks will also allow customers to pay on foot with cash or a card before exiting the lot.

“This is all part of improving the customer experience,” said MARTA Communications and Engagement Director Greg Giuffrida. “We know that a lot of our systems are getting old and need to be kept up to date, and we have multiple projects in the works that’ll all come out around the same time, but in three years it’s almost going to be a completely brand-new MARTA system. It’ll be a messy three years, but it’s all going to come together to really modernize the entire system and that’s the customer experience.”

Customers are encouraged to use the parking decks at Sandy Springs instead. Parking will also be available at the North Springs, Doraville, and Lindberg Stations. Even if construction extends beyond July 3, the Dunwoody Station parking lot will be open for Peachtree Race users on July 4, according to the release.

Local shuttles for employees and hotels that use the deck’s first level before the revenue gates will continue running as usual. Retail parking will also be available on the first level.

According to a release, other upcoming MARTA construction projects around DeKalb County include Doraville, North Springs, and Brookhaven. The dates for these projects are to be determined.


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