Mayor touts city’s accomplishments in state of city address

Tucker Mayor Frank Auman said the city has accomplished many tasks in a short amount of time he and told residents to expect more to come.

Auman gave the third annual state of the city address May 10 at the city council chamber. During his speech, Auman acknowledged the changes and improvements that occurred in the city’s third year of existence.

“Our first year was kind of getting organized; our second year was taking up those basic responsibilities; and our third year has largely been planning for our future—what to execute on, what are we going to take on next and taking on bigger tasks,” Auman said.

Auman said the city’s main focus for year three was to launch a range of studies aimed at identifying Tucker’s specific needs—prioritizing citizens and the work planning.

“We began studies including a transportation master plan, trails master plan, parks master plan, downtown master plan and more,” he said. “Over the last couple of months, those studies have neared completion and we have begun to adopt them and complete that cycle over the next couple of months.”

Other highlights in year three were the parks and recreation department improvements, including replacing old playground with new playgrounds, renovating the pool at Cofer Park, expanding the city’s summer camp and more. The city also expanded its code enforcement, reduced crime in high-crime areas and approved land use proposals for new residential and business developments.

Auman said SPLOST funding that will pay for future projects such as expanding and adding sidewalks and road resurfacing. He also announced plans to add Fitzgerald Field to its park system. The field is home to the Tucker Football League, a youth football organization that has been in the community since 1955.

“We’re creating a partnership with the Tucker Football League,” Auman said. “By joining forces and leveraging our combined resources, we’re going to ensure the strength of that program for at least another 50 years while making available much needed additions to the fields that we have available in Tucker for sports.”

Auman also said the city plans to annex parts of Northlake Mall, which was approved at the May 13 council meeting.

Auman concluded that the city is going to continue to innovate and find solutions to traditional problems such as public safety, affordable housing, transportation and transit.

“We’re also going to innovate and find solutions to issues that didn’t exist a decade ago, such as Airbnb rentals, scooters on sidewalks and gigantic LED billboards on the commercial corridors of our city,” he said.


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