Murphey Candler Park Lake House plan approved

Brookhaven City Council approved the Murphey Candler Lake House Concept Plan and Murphey Candler Lake House Parking Lot Expansion Concept Plan April 27, after receiving “extensive public input.”

City officials said Brookhaven voters approved a referendum dedicating $40 million for improvement projects identified in the 2016 Parks Master Plans in November 2018. Approximately $1.25 million was earmarked for a community center for Murphey Candler Park, according to a release. 

Community input prioritized a small lake house concept for Murphey Candler Park over a “full-fledged community center.” City officials said the lake house concept is more appropriately scaled and programmed for citizens’ needs.

“The public input process was key to prioritizing the amenities responsive to the needs of the community and to create the concept plan which will guide the eventual construction of the new Murphey Candler Park Lake House,” said Brookhaven Park Bond manager Lee Croy.

From November 2019 through September 2020, Brookhaven officials said they received more than 400 community input responses from residents, business owners and other stakeholders. Brookhaven officials said they also sought public input regarding options for a parking lot to be located near the lake house.  City officials said they received 183 responses about parking options, and that the council chose the option which provided 100 spaces and preserved two older trees near the entrance of the current parking lot.

“The extraordinary feedback was essential in creating the best project possible that addresses the concerns of all members of the community, balancing the need to accommodate visitors of Murphey Candler Park with the need for the preservation of this natural wonder,” said District 1 Councilmember Linley Jones. “I want to thank everyone who made the investment of time and energy to ensure a successful project.”

The entire Murphey Candler Park Lake House Public Input Report can be viewed here:

Options for the Murphey Candler Park Lake House Public parking options can be viewed here:


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