New garden clubbers rewarded with ribbons

Six months ago, the Stonecrest Garden Club didn’t exist. Now it has participated in its first flower show and several of its members have walked away with award ribbons.
On Sept. 20 at the Redbud District National Garden Club Standard Flower Show at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, four members were awarded ribbons for the quality of their horticultural entries in the show.

The event was akin to a coming out party for the Stonecrest Garden club, which formed over the summer.

Stonecrest Garden Club (SGC) member Debra Fleming won three awards, including a best collections ribbon for her entry of five ferns. Fleming, who has a fondness for ferns, described her shaded yard as a place where only ferns will grow.

SGC member Millicent Maxwell’s stem of a lilac chaste tree with blossoms was recognized with a first-place award in the “Any Other Worthy Deciduous Tree” class.

Debra Fleming, right, receives a Horticultural Excellence ribbon from Susan Turner, judges and youth chairman of the Redbud District.

Maxwell, who also entered a fern in the competition and won first place, said the tree wasn’t her first consideration for the show. She was driving away from her home one day when the tree caught her eye and a voice said “Put me in coach,” according to Maxwell.

Felicia Mayfield, also a member of the club, received a third-place award for her petite rose.

According to SGC President Gail Thomas, the club has 27 members and focuses on beautification, education, and conservation.

“I am excited,” said Thomas of the club’s members being selected for awards, adding that she hopes it inspires others to get involved and enter the show next year.

Thomas personally has several reasons to share in the excitement about the show—she picked up six horticultural awards and three design awards, including a first place.

The club originated from a community garden studies group led by the city of Stonecrest Naturalist Sheldon Fleming. It became a federated garden club in May and joined the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. in June.

An array of botanicals and artistic designs were judged at the flower shows.

Upcoming projects for the club include landscaping and beautification of city property, addressing food insecurity locally, volunteering at Everett Park as well as other projects, according to Thomas.

The club meets at 10 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of the month at Browns Mill Recreation Center and is open to new members, she said.

The show featured 40 artist designs, more than 400 horticultural entries and 61 youth entries. Among the categories in the show: petite designs, floor designs, reflective designs, functional tables, shadowbox, traditional mass, and exhibition tables.

Floral arrangements, artistic arrangements, plant cuttings in green glass bottles were displayed around two rooms of the Callanwolde mansion while the show was open on Sept. 20 and 21.

This is the second year the Redbud District’s flower show was held at Callanwolde. Previously, it took place at Stone Mountain Park during the Yellow Daisy Festival.

From left: Laurene Hill, Millicent Maxwell, and Debra Fleming are members of the newly formed Stonecrest Garden Club. Maxwell’s lilac chaste tree entry won a first-place ribbon at the Redbud District National Garden Club Standard Flower Show.


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