New Chamblee Chamber of Commerce is ready for business

Founder of the Chamblee Chamber of Commerce Art Freeman and deputy executive director Barbara Barber during the last Business Association meeting hosted on March 20 at the Chamblee Civic Center.

Chamblee business owners will have a stronger voice in the community, the county and the state trough the new Chamber of Commerce that will start operating in April 2.

According to its CEO Art Freeman, the Chamblee Chamber expects to have more than 250 members and will represent the interests of many businesses and trade associations as an independent business advocacy organization.

“What the Chamblee Chamber of Commerce can do that business association cannot is get involved at the political level not just within the city politics but to the national level because the chamber represents the entire spectrum of governmental affairs,” Freeman said.

For Deputy Executive Director Barbara Barber it means a great deal to the city and is an exciting moment.

“It’s going to be just wonderful because it’s going to help pull all the communities together. It’s going to offer businesses the support and advocacy they need and also help support and promote business to business,” she said.

Barber said the chamber will offer more benefits to its members by helping them with local politics and will also stet members support each other and get more publicity and visibility.

Freeman, founder of the organization, said in Chamblee there is the right combination of investment incentives to attract new businesses; access support services and capital to help businesses grow; and information on procurement opportunities to enable businesses to sustain their growth.

“We will be, as much as we can, partnering with the city in this growth, but at the same time we are going to be the watch committee to make that the business community is protected in this growth and our general community is protected too,” he said.

Freeman is also planning to found a junior chamber of commerce for young professionals between the ages of 21 and 35, a Hispanic and pan Asian divisions staffed with bilingual people and offering multilingual programs.

“We are bringing a whole other strategic partnership level to the governing forces of the city and of the area with a much more robust private public partnership. It will be the voice of businesses in Chamblee,” he concluded.

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