OPINION: Open letter to Mother Nature


Dear Mother Nature,

Please forgive me for taking so long in sending this note of thanks.

I’ve been tied up with all the tedious aspects of daily living, still that’s no excuse.

Last week’s weather was brutal across much of the country with frigid temperatures, fierce winds, record snowfalls, spine-tingling sleet and that winter favorite—black ice.

Those of us living in metro Atlanta were spared this wintry horror save for a few flurries and an overnight drenching. But the dire predictions—the reasons why schools were closed and workplaces delayed openings—did not prove true.

Our neighbors just miles to the north, however, were slammed. Those in Forsyth, Hall, Cherokee and Dawson counties were among the most affected. Icy roads, downed trees and power lines created dangerous situations for thousands who were without electricity, heat and, for some, even water.

I can only imagine that you were more than a little perturbed that we weren’t thanking you and singing your praises for keeping the worst of the weather from DeKalb County and metro Atlanta. We were too busy complaining about meteorologists, emergency management officials, school leaders missing the mark and wondering what to do with all the milk, bread, snacks and batteries that we had snatched up in last-minute preparation.

It’s unfortunate, Mother Nature, that we don’t appreciate that even sophisticated radar, computer tracking systems and various models charting jet streams and the like have their limitations. We have put a little too much faith in technology, gadgetry and around-the-clock weather watches expecting 100 percent accuracy.

Forgive us, we are but mere mortals.

Many of us seem to forget that it is, after all, winter—a time when cold, snow, ice and the accompanying inconveniences should be expected. Bad weather will come—sometimes more, sometimes less. It is winter.

On behalf of my family, friends, neighbors and the collective metro Atlanta body, I offer our sincere thank you for sparing us. You could have hit us hard, walloped us and left us shivering in the cold and dark, digging out for days.

Hopefully you won’t hold it against us next time.

Gale Horton Gay


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