OPINION: Robbing Peter to pay Peter

In 1992 Elaine Boyer was elected to her first term as a county commissioner to serve the electorate of District 1 in north DeKalb County, including the areas surrounding Brookhaven, Dunwoody and Tucker.

She took the oath of office for a county commissioner and swore to uphold the board of commissioners’ statement of values which includes the following: (a) “strive to give our very best,” (b) “be honest with each other and our stakeholders by communicating openly and professionally (c) “strive to ensure all sides have equal consideration,” (d) “adhere to ethical and professional values and behaviors, which include common courtesy, respect, and trust,” and (e) “believe that accountability and fiscal responsibility are essential for public confidence in government.”

More than two years ago, Boyer was part of a group training session on the correct use of county issued purchasing cards. On numerous occasions she denied ever misusing that privilege. She has publicly admonished other county officials and employees’ abuse of the cards.

On Sept. 3 Boyer pleaded guilty to wire fraud and mail fraud in federal court. When asked by the judge if she knowingly defrauded the people of DeKalb County, Boyer responded “yes”.

Do we know how long this pattern of behavior existed with Boyer? Of course we don’t. Do we know if other county officials or employees also abused public trust? Again, of course, we don’t. Is it likely that others also abused their privileges? Of course, it is. A reasonable doubt certainly exists.

It now has been reported that since Boyer’s case was federal, instead of state, that she will be allowed to draw her pension from DeKalb County. Beginning Nov. 1, Boyer will receive just more than $1,900 monthly until her death. There is also a survivor benefit of approximately $1,400 that can be paid to her spouse or a designated recipient.

Should we expect Boyer to do the right thing and not accept the money?

That is a reasonable expectation; however, based on her rather questionable behavior in the past, this is not very likely.

Some may think that Boyer is due her pension based on her service to the county for an extended period of time; I do not agree. She has proven and admitted that she failed to abide by the above referenced basic values of service as a commissioner. She did not do her job as she should have done and, therefore, should not be rewarded for service that did not meet the oath that she swore to uphold when she took office.

Once a person has admitted that he or she has either lied to, or stolen from, the electorate, all financial gains should be forfeited.

There is a possibility that federal guidelines may require Boyer’s pension benefits be direct-deposited back into the coffers of DeKalb County as part of her retribution. At least the county and its residents would benefit partially but that would still equate to robbing Peter to pay Peter.

One thought on “OPINION: Robbing Peter to pay Peter

  • October 24, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    One down only a dozen or more to go = Who are we kidding here = DeKalb County is R.I.C.O. = Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization = I am sad for the Good Employees of DeKalb County that must work for these sorry Elected Officials.

    The US District Attorney, Sally Q. Yates and her predecessor sat idle by as DeKalb County became the most corrupt county in the State of Georgia.

    This massive corruption in DeKalb County did not happen overnight = Where were DeKalb Reps Karla Drenner = Mike Jacobs = Fran Millar and others during this demise = COLLECTING THEIR PAYCHECKS = THAT’S WHERE THEY WERE !!!


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