Security is taking on new meanings

Cyber-attacks are attracting criminals by the droves, and they are giving a new meaning to security – elevating the definition to involve something much more than a physical threat.

According to AAG, a cyber-crime statistic database, the cyber-crime victim count has increased by 1,517 percent since 2001, which makes sense with the increase in computer popularity.

However, in recent years, those crimes have gone beyond the rich prince who only needs a few minor bank account details to send you millions. Now, people who grew up in a tech-savvy world are finding ways to steal, hack, and manipulate their way into bank accounts and cryptocurrency wallets.

I recently went down a YouTube rabbit hole about the evolution of cyber-crime. All that is needed in today’s climate is a backup cell phone, a new sim card, and knowledge of who is susceptible and has money to steal. Some of these crimes can impact victims even when they take all the correct safety protocols due to the criminals having an insider at a phone company.

The FBI even released a warning about these crimes—dubbed swim swapping—in 2022.

The threats are also close to home. While he wasn’t targeting normal civilians in his crime, James Zhong of Gainesville pled guilty in 2022 to stealing more than $3 billion in cryptocurrency from an online marketplace on the dark web – a place not accessible by most search engines.

Those worried about the safety of their data and passwords should contact their phone carriers to see if they can add any additional protection or authentication. Those not worried about it should probably think twice! In 2021 alone, cyber attacks increased by 125 percent—according to AAG—indicating that they probably won’t slow down anytime soon.


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