Sheriff’s office ‘Warrant Relief Days’ ends Thursday

Those with outstanding misdemeanor warrants in DeKalb County have until 11 p.m. May 27 to turn themselves in and receive a free bond. 

DeKalb County Jail’s “Warrant Relief” program allows individuals who have outstanding arrest warrants for certain misdemeanor offenses a chance to surrender but avoid being jailed. According to DeKalb Sheriff’s Office, when the individual turns themselves in voluntarily, they can receive an unsecured judicial release – a free bond.

The program runs from 8 a.m. until 11p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the DeKalb County Jail, 4425 Memorial Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30032.

The program launched due to warrant services for some offenses having been delayed due to the closing of courtrooms during the pandemic. When DeKalb County courts are fully re-opened, individuals wanted on misdemeanor warrant charges, including those out on bond, will be expected to answer to the charges in court.

To determine if you have eligible misdemeanor charges or if there is a warrant for your arrest, email


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