Sherry Boston wins DA race, Coleman-Stribling to take over Solicitor duties

Sherry Boston

DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James was unseated by challenger Sherry Boston May 24 in a highly contested race.

The ballot count, as of press time on May 24 accounting for 94 percent of DeKalb precincts, had Boston at 33,646 votes and James at 20,639 votes. Boston’s victory comes after endorsements from former district attorneys Bob Wilson and J. Tom Morgan and former DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown.

Boston is the current solicitor-general and has handled criminal misdemeanors since being appointed in 2011 and elected without opposition in 2012. She’s run on a ticket promising fairness, fiscal responsibility and firmness as well as demonstrating her 17 years of criminal justice experience.

James has been district attorney since Nov. 2010 and administered a $12 million budget, prosecuted 8,000 felony cases and overseen 155 employees. Prior to his appointment, James also served as the county solicitor general.

Donna Coleman-Stribling
Coworkers Nicole Golden and Donna Coleman-Stribling competed for solicitor general with Coleman-Stribling edging out Golden 26,925 to 23,031.

Golden has served as DeKalb’s chief assistant district attorney while Coleman-Stribling has served as deputy chief district attorney.

Golden said several months as acting solicitor general in 2010 made her the right choice for the job while Coleman-Stribling cited her 16 years of court experience.




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