Specialty fitness center identifies Stone Mountain as ideal next location

Not everyone who joins a gym is young, fit and wanting to maintain an already strong, slender body. The Camp Transformation Center officials say they are aware that people of all ages and body types may be in search of a gym that can help them move toward fitness at their own pace.

“We’re talking people who may have never been to a gym before, and who could be more than 100 pounds overweight,” said Manny Holguin, Camp Transformation’s franchise and development real estate manager, who said the company has set its sights on Stone Mountain and the Atlanta area for its newest location.

“Over the last couple of years, Stone Mountain has seen a population increase, and there seems to be a need in the area for a gym concept like ours for first-time gym goers who may be looking for a community-focused workout environment,” Holguin said. “Overall, we look for growing cities or bustling suburban areas that could benefit from a gym concept like The Camp Transformation Center.”

The Camp Transformation Center is unlike gyms customers may have visited in the past, according to Holguin. “Our target customers are people who may have tried other gyms but lost a desire to work out consistently because they weren’t seeing results or had trouble self-motivating. They include people who may not have had the right support system in place and may have not been familiar with fitness but are looking to get into shape or lose weight. The sense of community provided at our gyms is what helps people stay on track and achieve their goals. Our concept is different, as instead of targeting boutique studio goers, it appeals to folks of all fitness levels to help them truly transform their lives.” 

The approach is the vision of The Camp Transformation Center founders Alejandra and Luis Font and their business partner Dr. Saman Bakhtiar, whom Holguin said “have a passion for the industry and desire to empower the lives of clients and our franchisees.”

When the Fonts were working out at Bakhtiar’s personal training gym in Southern California, Luis Font lost 60 pounds. They approached Bakhtiar about partnering to create The Camp in 2010, according to Holguin, who added, “Sam had an impressive background and was a great fit to be their partner to start the business. They opened the first location in Chino Hills, California, and opened a couple of other locations. Clients loved the sense of community the gyms fostered and started approaching the team about opening their own locations and the brand started franchising in 2017.”

Holguin explained how The Camp Transformation Center provides a program unlike that available at most gyms. “The Camp Transformation Center offers people a place when they feel like they’ve tried other health and wellness options. It runs a six-week challenge program designed to help clients lose weight; 78 percent of challengers lost the goal 20 pounds in six weeks. The clients who lose the 20 pounds or reach their goal weight get their money back. Our members form a true community, which creates a strong, positive environment where people feel empowered and continue to work out in even after they reach their goals.”

In addition, Holguin reported that many franchisees who had previous experience with the brand—whether as a trainer or member—became enthusiastic for the program after seeing results clients were getting.

The Camp Transformation Center now has more than 100 locations across the country, and Holguin said he believes that a Stone Mountain studio would not only benefit the company but would benefit the Stone Mountain community as well. “Each studio costs upwards of $300,000 to open, represents more than 4,000 square feet in real estate creation, and creates about 10 jobs,” he said. “The Camp Transformation Center would give the people of Stone Mountain a place to work out that is committed to helping people reach their weight loss goals in a positive environment and strong community of support.”

Holguin said The Camp Transformation Center is hoping to open a Stone Mountain location in the next few months and is actively seeking qualified franchise partners in the area. “Our franchisees are invested in helping people and finding meaning in their business. The ideal franchisee is someone who has a passion for the industry, a desire to help people with compassion and empathy, enjoys working with others, has sales experience, are business savvy and possess leadership qualities.”


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