Sports in elementary schools help everyone

DeKalb County School District (DCSD) officials recently boasted numbers from the district’s elementary school basketball camps, which attracted more than 1,000 students across the county.

DCSD officials said the widespread interest was proof of a need to add sports programs to elementary schools…and I agree.

There’s no doubt that young students are interested in sports. Elementary-aged children will be the first to tell you their hope of becoming a professional athlete or for playing for their favorite college sports team. The exercise and discipline associated with sports can help children, and how it also helps foster friendships and promotes teamwork.

Adding sports to more schools and more grade levels also decreases barriers that some students must dodge to play sports. If children are already going to school—whether it’s by taking the bus or riding with a family member or friend—then they likely won’t need rides to practices and games. It also puts sports programs into more neighborhoods, compared to some youth programs requiring long treks across the county.

DCSD officials said the camps not only showed the level of interest but also taught attendees more about basketball.

“Students dived into the basics of basketball including honing their dribbling, shooting and teamwork skills. The interactive sessions facilitated individual growth while emphasizing the importance of collaboration on the court,” a news release states.

Following the success of the first series of camps, DCSD officials said they will host soccer camps on May 4. Registration forms will be available on April 5 at

The county is making a smart move with its addition of elementary athletics. Not only does it keep more students practicing and playing in DeKalb, but it gives more students a chance to practice and play.



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