Sports prices are getting ridiculous… again

I recently received an email bragging about how Atlanta United, Atlanta’s Major League Soccer (MLS) team, had the third-cheapest average ticket price in the country – coming in at a whopping $143 average price per ticket.

Prices on almost everything are going up—groceries, gas, rent, and other essentials of life are unrecognizable compared to where they were a decade ago. But people need affordable entertainment and ways to celebrate their fandom without going broke.

A ticket for $143 isn’t the end of the world either. However, ticket fees and everything else that goes into attending a sporting event have changed going to a game from something I looked forward to something I need to save up for.

Sure, you can see a local team for cheap when they’re struggling, but we deserve to see good teams at an affordable price – especially after everything us normal citizens put into these towering stadiums that hold nearly 100,000 people.

It’s a crazy cycle when you think about it.

Taxpayers foot most of the bill to pay for these exorbitant stadiums complete with parks and statues outside, museums inside, luxury box seats, and everything else. Yet, I’d have to pay $143 for a ticket to see the local professional soccer team. That price doesn’t even include the cost to get there, park there, eat nearby, buy a souvenir, and a host of other things associated with the game.

Heaven forbid I want a beer at the game, because the same one that costs two dollars at the gas station will cost $15 at the stadium… and that’s before the recommended $3 tip to the employee who had to stick their hand in the ice chest to get my pint.

I will give credit where it’s due, as Mercedes Benz Stadium has regularly checked in as the cheapest stadium concessions in the country. The stadium even famously offers $2 hot dogs… a small price to pay after the public paid hundreds of millions for the stadium.


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