Stone Mountain Village dedicates new public art


Stone Mountain Village has a new piece of artwork.

The Village dedicated the “Interurban Streetcars 1913-19 48” artwork on Jan. 12 at the site of the new piece, 875 Main Street between the visitors center caboose and the city municipal building.

The artwork, by artist Stone Mountain resident John Thigpen, is a double-sided pictorial tribute to the historic electric trolley, Interurban Street Car that ran between Atlanta and Stone Mountain 1913-1948.

Susan Ryles, executive director of Stone Mountain Main Street and Downtown Development Authority, said it’s an art piece regarding the city of Stone Mountain’s history.

“The piece itself depicts some of the trains and some of the people and the conductors,” Ryles said.

The piece is constructed from perforated and printed aluminum panels. It is approximately 15 feet wide and 6 feet high. Granite from Stone Mountain forms the base.

“Part of it came from how I wanted to present the images,” Thigpen said. “Sort of like the ghost of perforated images as well as large reproduction of images in gray tone.”

The photographic references on the work are of the old Trolley Barn in Stone Mountain Village, a renovated historic building currently in use as ART Station, a nonprofit community arts center and theater. The work is on property donated by the Stone Mountain Memorial Association.


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