Stonecrest mayor returns after battle with cancer

Stonecrest Mayor Jason Lary made his return to a city council meeting Jan. 25 and resumed his duties after an 11-week excused medical leave following a second cancer diagnosis. Lary requested an excused medical leave from city council Nov. 9 that was effective through March 2021.

Lary was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018, according to city officials. When announcing his medical leave, the mayor said he would place more emphasis on his well-being than he did during his previous cancer battle.

“Per my wife’s instructions, who I listen to the most, this time I take care of me,” Lary stated.

City officials said the mayor’s 2018 cancer treatment involved targeted radiation of the prostate and his second round of cancer treatment involved a successful surgery Dec. 28. Despite a rough recovery and a subsequent battle with COVID-19, the mayor said he is back.

In the mayor’s absence, Mayor Pro Tempore George Turner served as chairman of city council meetings. Lary attended some virtual meetings and managed pertinent business at city hall during his leave.

Upon Lary’s return, city council voted to suspend the mayor’s request for further excused absences, and the mayor returned to his duties of chairing council meetings.  


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