Street racer, promoter sentenced to jail

DeKalb County Solicitor-General Donna Coleman-Stribling announced a guilty verdict in four cases against street racer and promoter Kristopher Repka.

Prosecutors said that on May 31, 2021—and on multiple other occasions—Repka was observed on social media by DeKalb County Police on scene at various street racing “takeover” events throughout DeKalb County.

The solicitor-general’s office stated that Repka uploaded videos from the locations of these events capturing illegal street racing activities to his YouTube channel called “Dripmywhip”.

In the uploaded videos, prosecutors said they observed Repka encouraging drivers to block Intersections and roadways to keep uninvolved vehicles from entering the racing or drifting areas. Repka is also seen encouraging bystanders and other vehicles to block police vehicles at illegal racing events, and—in one of the uploaded videos—Repka is seen striking an unknown bystander with his vehicle as they viewed the illegal racing activity, according to prosecutors.

A news release stated that Repka pleaded guilty to four counts of promoting or organizing drag races or laying drags exhibitions and one count of reckless driving. 

A DeKalb County State Court judge sentenced Repka to 48 months in jail with six to serve in custody and the remaining 42 months on probation. In addition, the defendant is required to complete a defensive driving course, participate in Traffic Violators Program (TVIP), and have his driver’s license suspended for one year, according to the news release. 

The solicitor-general’s office added that imposed fines equaled $5,000.00, and that Repka “is also to have no contact with persons, or any individuals associated with any form of street racing, takeovers, promotions, etc., and banned from promotion or attendance in any form of street racing, takeovers, exhibitions, in-person or virtual.”

“The individuals participating in these illegal street racing events must be held accountable for their careless and dangerous actions”, said Coleman-Stribling. “My hope is that this verdict makes clear that we will not tolerate this reckless behavior and cavalier disregard for the law.”

DeKalb County leaders and municipal government officials began imposing stricter laws in 2021 to deter street racing after officials believed a woman passed away due to illegal street racing in 2021.

A bill sponsored by Ga. Sen. Emmanuel Jones, D-Decatur, was passed after the incident and went into effect July 1, 2022. The bill provides extra penalties for street racers and those who promote the events – which Repka was found guilty of doing.

The cities of Atlanta, Brookhaven, and Doraville have also levied additional fines for street racing since the 2021 incident.


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