SWD to highlight student-owned businesses

Wesley-Chapel-William C. Brown Library in Decatur will showcase student business owners and their businesses throughout March at the library, according to Southwest DeKalb High School officials.

The library’s business showcase will be the conclusion of a three-month career education series that Southwest DeKalb High School is hosting for students.

According to a school spokesperson, students will open popup versions of their businesses at the library where patrons can support the business and meet the owners. Co-Chair of the Principal Advisory Council at Southwest DeKalb High School Ayesha Watson said other events for the series, which begins in January, include a career fair and lectures from local business owners.

The advisory council assists Southwest DeKalb Principal Principal Thomas Glanton, who also helped plan the event. 

“There are some positive things going on. We’ll be working with students and their careers, teaching them how to get a job and build a resume. That will be kicking off in January at Southwest DeKalb and we’ll take it through the end of March – which will be when we showcase which students are already in business,” said Watson. “We have some great nonprofits and entrepreneurs who make things. It will be only for students who currently attend Southwest DeKalb.”

Watson added that school officials plan to career and financial literary sessions Jan. 23 – 25 and Feb. 20 -22 before highlighting students and their businesses from March 1 – 31 at the library.

Watson added that the educational series will have a positive impact at the school due to the number of businesses students own. She said the March showcase will include student business owners from every grade level at Southwest DeKalb and will feature nonprofits and businesses focused on music, cooking, and other fields.

“We have a young lady who collects food and clothing and has a nonprofit. She gives back to the community, feeds the homeless, and works with shelters. We have someone who is into music and makes beats on an instrumental level. We have a bakery style chef who will bring cakes and cookies,” explained Watson.

Watson said prior to the March events, Southwest DeKalb officials will post specific dates and times in advance on social media. One of the events will include a meet and greet with the student business owners. Watson said that the student displays will remain in the library until the end of March and said school and library staff also want to host business seminars at the library during March.

“We’ll pick a night where [guests] can come and meet the entrepreneurs and see their businesses. A night where [students] can pitch their businesses to the community, not for money but to let people know what’s here,” added Watson.


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