Thank you for your labor

Labor Day is certainly a holiday that most of us deserve. Whether we are currently employed, between jobs, embarking on an entrepreneurial journey or unemployed but working hard to find a job, we are all part of the American labor market.

While many of us probably don’t realize it, we’re instrumental in building America and sustaining its economy.

Some of us have been fortunate to work in areas we love, at jobs we consider ideal and rewarding. Others consider their labors as something just to pay the bills. Many workers today juggle multiple ways of earning a living—a mix of jobs and hustles.

There are a plenty of jobs that many of us wonder how anyone could spend their lives doing that kind of work, day in and day out, such as tending to the dead and the dying, dealing with waste management, working in a slaughterhouse, fighting fires, performing surgery, etc. Still, we appreciate that someone takes on necessary tasks that so many of us could not or would not perform.

The American workforce is estimated at more than 157 million laborers and the diversity of work is mind blogging—education, transportation, entertainment, public safety, community service, security, healthcare, sports, communications and the list goes on and on.

On Sept. 4, in whichever way you choose to celebrate Labor Day, we thank you for your labor. Happy Labor Day.


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