The changing tides of life

Having just celebrated a milestone birthday, I’ve reflected a great deal on life in general but more so on the things in life that are the most meaningful. I’ve come to the realization that meaningful, sincere, personal relationships are more important than any material possessions one may acquire. Other than my wife and family, who mean more to me than anything in life, my friends are a close second and are among the most treasured of assets.

I often equate aspects of life and the world in general to grains of sand that collectively shape the surface of the Earth and our world as we know it. Friends are much like grains of sand along the seashore of life. With the changing tides of life, friends and acquaintances seem to wash into and out of our lives, continuously reshaping our lives much as the continuous reshaping of the seashore occurs.

Occasionally, a grain of sand will become lodged in the landscape of life, some for a relatively brief period, some for an extended period and some become permanently embedded, thus creating the beginning of the next phase in the seashore of life’s experiences.

Typically, there are only a few friends who fall into the category of the grains of sand that have taken a permanent place in the landscape of life. These friendships are invaluable and are to be treasured.

Our truly close friends become family by choice and are among the ones we know we can count on for anything. We know if we have a problem, even though it may seem trivial to the other person, they will be there—to lend an ear, to give advice or just to offer a different perspective on the issue. We know that no matter what hour of the day or night, if we need them, they will be there and vice-versa.

Those who build emotional walls that are difficult to penetrate may be inadvertently blocking others who care for us and want the best for us. I encourage all to open up and allow special people to enter your life. Special people bring love, insight, power, knowledge, and pleasure.

Love, laughter, and friendship are truly the best gifts any one person can bestow on another.

As we continue our journey of life, through the many trials and tribulations that face us, know that if we have meaningful personal relationships, we are better equipped to conquer the ills that life often presents and most likely can overcome any obstacle encountered.

I encourage each of you to share your love and your life with others; the rewards will be reaped a thousand times in return.

An earlier version of this published in The Champion in August of 2017.


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