Time to catch up those delinquent water bills

After a five-year pause in disconnections of water due to nonpayment, beginning July 1, DeKalb County’s Department of Water and Sewer will again turn off service on accounts with unpaid balances.

For years, many homeowners and renters have complained about receiving what have been referred to as “outrageous” monthly bills for water and sewer service—some of which were for thousands of dollars.

At times, there were as many as 4,000 complaints filed with the department asking for bills to be reexamined and reduced to more typical month use charges. Many of the billing errors were attributed to faulty and/or antiquated water meters that were not giving accurate usage readings.

Those who may have outstanding balances on water bills should make every effort to reach a settlement on any pending disputes prior to the July 1 cut-off date.

Those who may be experiencing financial hardships due to COVID-19 are encouraged to contact the DeKalb County Water and Sewer to request payment extensions.

We applaud the county’s efforts to correct billing errors and to work with customers to find solutions to disputes and hope that by July 1, there are no outstanding disputes and all accounts are current.


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