Tour touts planning efforts during celebration of Chamblee’s 115th birthday

It took plenty of planning to get to where Chamblee is today, stated officials.

Earlier in August, Chamblee officials took other elected officials from outside the city to see how all of that planning has shaped and transformed Chamblee into what it is today during a tour of various housing options, redevelopment sites, and downtown businesses as the city celebrated its 115th birthday.

During the tour, “local leaders from Chamblee and the Georgia Planning Association (GPA) showcased how the city has seen economic growth and an increase in housing supply over the past two decades because of investing in planning efforts that embrace land use reforms,” stated officials.

Those in attendance included state leaders included Rep. Karen Lupton (D-83), Rep. Teri Anulewicz (D-42), Rep. Victor Anderson (R-10), Sen. Sonya Halpern (D-39), Sen. Jason Esteves (D-06) and Deputy Commissioner for Housing Assistance and Development Philip Gilman, Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Attendees were given an overview of Chamblee’s planning timeline of updates on the city’s comprehensive plan and the 2001 Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Plan, which focused on capitalizing off the region’s growth to create a dense, mixed-use, walkable environment to spur investment in Chamblee, near the Chamblee MARTA train station, stated officials. Attendees were then guided to the rooftop of Chamblee’s City Hall for an aerial view of The Lumen, a mixed-use development currently under construction, and for remarks from J.R. Connolly, a local housing developer. State leaders were also transported by van to view the impact of Chamblee’s plans at sites including The Oliver, SLX, Attiva Malone, and development near Chamblee’s Rail Trail in Keswick Park. The event concluded with a panel discussion on economic development at Hopstix, an Asian Brewpub.

“Chamblee is a great example of being 10 to 15 years ahead of many of the communities across the state,” said Whitney Shephard, president of the GPA.

Shephard pointed to planners – and their ongoing partnership with elected officials – as the reason for that success by “adopting a very forward-thinking comprehensive plan, continuing to update those plans (and) then carrying that forward through zoning ordinances and other development regulations to achieve the vision for the community that Chamblee’s residents and businesses want to live in.”

Chamblee’s Mayor Brian Mock expressed his pride with “state leaders coming to see Chamblee as a model city to emulate.”

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