Water billing changes require action from residents

Residents who did not read their December water bill in its entirety may have missed an important notice from DeKalb County – a transfer to a new and different billing system.

According to officials, DeKalb County has migrated its water billing system to a new platform known as enQuesta billing system and due to this migration, all customers have been assigned a new account number.

As residents receive their new account numbers throughout January and February in the mail, customers may need to notify banking institution of the change for payments to go through and be processed correctly, stated officials.

The migration to a new platform also means anyone enrolled in paperless billing and/or using electronic bank-to-bank ACH payments may need to re-enroll online and contact their banks, according to DeKalb County’s website.

“Those currently enrolled in paperless billing for DeKalb County Services will need to enroll again to access the new portal starting in January 2024,” states DeKalb County’s website. “Those currently enrolled in ACH payments can continue this method of payment by notifying the banking institution to allow the new payment processor, Chase Payment Tech.”

Customers will also notice a new bill design on their water bill and more payment options, said officials.

“An updated bill design will provide customers with a detailed view of their account and charges, contact information, and other important billing information,” said officials. “DeKalb County will be adding Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and PayPal as options to pay.”

DeKalb County’s website states that once residents receive the new billing statement, registration for expanded billing details, payment reminders and alerts and electronic billing via email and/or text message will also be made available.

DeKalb County officials said the migration to the new platform and billing system was done “for increased customer convenience and transparency,” yet some residents are already experiencing issues.

“Those of us who have not paid our bill yet this month are unable to without the new, mysterious account number,” said one customer on Facebook. “I have been trying to pay my bill since last week without success.”

DeKalb County’s website states that those who need access to the new account number before their next statement is received should email dekalbwaterservice@dekalbcountyga.gov or call 404-378-4475 and press 1.

For more information, visit https://www.dekalbcountyga.gov/newbilling.


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