We salute the DeKalb Silver Streaks

DeKalb County has a rich history of excellence in high school sports and over the years has produced hundreds who became professional athletes, including Olympians. However, there is a special team in DeKalb County whose members may not get the recognition that traditional athletes get and that some may not be familiar with but deserve all the recognition and support they can get.

The DeKalb Silver Streaks —DeKalb County School District’s adapted sports program – with team members from multiple DeKalb County School District schools, competed March 11 against the Houston County Sharks in the American Association of Adapted Sports Programs wheelchair basketball state finals after defeating the Clayton Eagles March 3.

Even though the Silver Streaks did not win the championship, we are extremely proud of their efforts. It is our pleasure to offer our sincere congratulations and appreciation to the players, coaches, staff and supporters of the Silver Streaks on a season well-played.


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