We salute the ladies

In addition to typically signaling the arrival of spring, March is also a month dedicated to celebrating the contributions of women.

What is now recognized as National Women’s History Month began in 1981 when Congress established National Women’s History Week to be celebrated the second week of March. In 1987, Congress expanded the recognition to the entire month of March, and every U.S. president since 1987 has each year issued a proclamation designating March as the month we celebrate the many contributions by women.

As part of the 2023 recognition, the United States Census Bureau has released statistics based on the 2021 American Community Survey that help to convey the overall impact women have on our nation. For example, there are more than 168 million women residing in the United States, more than 36 percent of American women ages 25 and older have bachelor’s, or higher, college degrees, and more than 79 million are active participants in our labor force.

Locally, we have women leaders in law enforcement, government, education, medicine and every other conceivable occupation who are making positive impacts on our communities in ways we often do not fully understand and appreciate. We encourage our readers to get to know the thousands of women who make our world a better place.


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