Young and old can chill at new Toco Hills frozen treat shop

Tom Maune recalled that Andy’s Frozen Custard was a favorite family hangout spot when he was growing up in St. Louis, Missouri. The new franchise owner of the Andy’s Toco Hills location, Maune said he’s thrilled to bring a brand he loves to the area he currently calls home.

A Decatur resident, Maune said that in addition to enjoying the frozen treats at Andy’s he is impressed by the company’s approach to customer service. “As an example,” he said, “there is no speaker box at the drive-through.

Customers give the order to a person they speak to face to face. They can ask questions; they can be heard clearly. It makes a big difference. I am super excited to finally serve the Toco Hills community. We have been working on this project for over three years and have come across many challenges, but the support of the community has been incredible.”

Founded in Missouri by a couple, John and Carol Kuntz, who named the business for their son Andy, Andy’s Frozen Custard has been around for 37 years and now has 85 locations in 14 states.

The product base is two flavors of frozen custard—vanilla and chocolate—both made fresh hourly, according to the company. Customers can customize the desserts with a variety of add-ons and toppings or order such specialties as the James Brownie Funky Jackhammer, made with vanilla frozen custard, peanut butter and baked in-store brownies, “drilled and filled” with hot fudge; or the Triple Chocolate Concrete, made with chocolate frozen custard, chocolate chip cookie dough, and melted chocolate chip. Andy’s also offer shakes, malts, sundaes, and seasonal treats. Maune said both specialties are favorites of his.

Anetrijon Selis, general manager, was living in Texas when she was being considered for employment with Andy’s. “I was not familiar with the brand, so I wanted to see whether I liked the product. Friends told me there was an Andy’s near me. I went there and saw a line wrapped around the building. I had to find out what the whoopla was about. I tried it and immediately became a fan. It’s not like frozen yogurt and it’s not like ice cream; you never get a brain freeze eating frozen custard. Andy’s uses high quality ingredients—a really rich vanilla, for example. You really have to try it to experience the difference,” Selis said.

The first scoops of Andy’s in Toco Hills were served at its soft opening on April 26. “There are lots of food options in Toco Hills,” Selis said, “but I predict that Andy’s will be a hit. The Decatur area is a special place where people enjoy a high quality of life. It’s a great area with a lot happening. Andy’s will really fit in with spirit of Decatur.”

The location on North Druid Hills Road is near shopping centers, schools, parks, and businesses, Selis pointed out, saying Andy’s plans to be actively involved with the community. “The heart of Andy’s is to give back to the local community through donations, fundraisers, and school partnerships. That’s what people in the Toco Hills and Decatur area can look forward to.”

Selis said she agrees that Andy’s has a superior business model. “They don’t just give great customer service; they really treat their employees well. They respect what you know, and they support your goals. They want to help you succeed whether it’s at Andy’s or someplace else. They make Andy’s an enjoyable place to work and that’s reflected in the experience customers have when they come to Andy’s,” she said.

Applying what the company calls its “unique but simple approach,” Andy’s said it seeks to “hire great people and treat them right” putting together teams that focus “on bringing every customer a smile, one delicious frozen treat at a time.”


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