Browns Mill Aquatic Center opens in Stonecrest

Browns Mill Aquatic Center opened July 27 for the first time since city of Stonecrest took control of the park in 2019.

City officials said the pandemic forced them to close Browns Mill Aquatic Center after purchasing it from DeKalb County, and pool supply shortages delayed the park’s reopening. Browns Mill is the city of Stonecrest’s first and only aquatic center.

“We’ve been closed for about two years now, so we’re really excited about getting our pools back into the city of Stonecrest,” said Parks and Recreation Director Brandon Riley. “It’s a hot day, and a wonderful time for the community to come out.”

The aquatic center features several pools and slides, a lazy river, sitting areas and other amenities.

City officials joined Riley for the grand reopening; Councilmember George Turner said the reopening is an example of a promise kept by Stonecrest leaders.

“This is what Stonecrest promised, and that’s a place to live, work and play. This is one of our main play spots, so having it up and running again is a real big plus for us,” said Turner.

The aquatic center made its return at a good time, according to Councilmember Rob Turner, with temperatures rising and students returning to school in the coming weeks.

“I believe this a great gift to the city as well as the students, as they’re about to go back to school,” said Rob Turner. “This is a wonderful way for them to end their summer break and get ready for the academics that are going to start next week.”

Browns Mill Aquatic Center’s reopening also marks Stonecrest officials reaching the second phase of their parks and recreation reopening plan, according to Riley.

“All of our parks have been open since Memorial Day weekend,” said Riley. “We’re currently waiting to start our after-care program, but we are taking in events and programs at [Browns Mill Recreation Center] at this time. Phase three—starting on Labor Day weekend—is when we start allowing special events with over 300 people and allowing open gym inside the rec center.”

A press release from Stonecrest states that city staff will continue to monitor CDC and public health guidelines while reopening its parks and recreation facilities and other city amenities.

“It’s exciting that we can get back to a place in the world where it feels like there’s some sense of familiarity and some normalcy in what we used to do,” said Councilmember Jazzmin Cobble. “Some of the things that we deal with every day, we just want to set them aside and go have some fun. That’s what we’re about.”

Browns Mill Aquatic Center—located at 4929 Browns Mill Road—is open every day from noon until 7 p.m. through Aug. 1 and is open from noon until 7 p.m. every weekend in August.


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