Chamblee to allow open containers in entertainment district

A new ordinance in Chamblee soon will allow for open containers of alcoholic beverages within a certain area of the city.

Starting July 1, visitors 21 and older will be allowed to openly carry and consume alcoholic beverages in the city’s downtown entertainment district, which extends from Ingersoll Rand Drive to McGaw Drive.

Earlier this year, Chamblee City Council members voted to allow for the outdoor consumption of alcohol in the specified area “to promote increased social activities and pedestrian traffic in downtown Chamblee and to expand entertainment options,” according to a news release.

According to officials, patrons purchasing alcohol from an alcohol-licensed establishment within the district must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Hours allowed for outdoor consumption in the downtown entertainment district are between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. Anyone who is 21 or older can possess one alcoholic beverage in a downtown alcohol cup purchased from an alcohol-licensed establishment located in the district. Prohibited hours of outdoor consumption are between 10 p.m. and. 9 a.m.
  • An alcohol-licensed establishment located in the downtown entertainment district must dispense an alcoholic beverage in a clear plastic cup for removal from the premises. The cup should display the establishment’s name or logo and a sticker designated from the city authorizing the drink for outdoor consumption in the district.
  • Mixed drinks containing liquor dispensed in a downtown alcohol cup cannot exceed 12 fluid ounces. Malt beverages or wine dispensed in a downtown alcohol cup cannot exceed 16 fluid ounces.

Additionally, any alcohol-licensed establishment in the district that allows patrons to leave their business with an alcoholic beverage is required to have a sign posted at the door within public view which explains that patrons leaving the establishment with an alcoholic beverage are required by law to dispose of the beverage before 10 p.m. and before leaving the downtown entertainment district.

Any person who possesses an open alcoholic beverage outside the district, or after 10 p.m. within the district, or in an unauthorized container, is in violation of the city code and may be subject to a citation and/or fine, stated officials.

When the new ordinance takes effect in July, Chamblee will join other cities in DeKalb County such as Dunwoody and Decatur with dedicated entertainment districts that allow open containers.

“This is a great opportunity to increase exposure of our downtown businesses and activities,” said Chamblee Mayor Brian Mock. “It is our hope that both patrons and businesses within the downtown entertainment district drink responsibly and follow our guidelines within the district.”

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