Make it a happy extra hour

In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, March 12, most of our nation undergoes the semi-annual ritual of resetting our clocks by an hour. This time, other than those who live in Hawaii or parts of Arizona, we all spring forward one hour giving us an extra hour of daylight at the end of each day.

This time of year there are so very many ways to enjoy that extra hour of sunlight. Start enjoying a late afternoon stroll through the neighborhood or cultivating that favorite private garden spot so it’s inviting all season long.

Begin planning and preparing for a small vegetable garden, even if only a container garden. In a couple of months, there may be fresh tomatoes for that delectable Southern treat, the lowly but delicious tomato sandwich.

If being outdoors is of interest, but gardening may not be a hobby, try planning afternoon picnics to get the family outside on these pleasant early spring evenings or take the dog for an extra long walk, it will be good for all.

No matter how we spend that extra hour, if we consistently focus on the added benefits, perhaps that loss of one hour of sleep as we adjust our internal time clocks, won’t be so difficult.

Happy spring, make that extra hour a happy hour.


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