Police searching urgently for missing child reported as kidnapped

Officials with the DeKalb County Police Department said they are investigating “an urgent” case of a missing child that was reported as kidnapped.

According to officials, police are searching for two-year-old J’Asiah Mitchell who was reported as kidnapped late on the evening of Aug. 16 or very early the morning of Aug. 17.

“We have been urgently working to identify the circumstances leading up to the kidnapping, however we need the communities’ help finding J’Asiah,” said police.

Mitchell was described as wearing Buzz Lightyear pajamas at the time of his disappearance.

While WSB-TV has reported that Mitchell was kidnapped Wednesday around 11:23 p.m. in the 3300 block of Flat Shoals Road during an armed robbery, police had not confirmed that detail at press time.

Many commenters on social media asked why an Amber Alert had not yet been issued for the missing child to which officials with the DeKalb County Police Department responded “we did contact the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) in reference to releasing an Amber Alert. However, they advised this incident did not meet the criteria. Our priority is locating J’Asiah safely while we continue to investigate the matter.”

Pictured is one of two photos police released of the missing child.

“I never ask for prayers, but please pray for me and pray for my baby’s safety,” said Asia Mitchell, the missing child’s mother.

According to police, the Homicide Assault Unit (HAU) is actively working this case to identify possible witnesses and is seeking the public’s help in locating J’Asiah Mitchell.

While a physical description was not released of the missing child, he is pictured as an African American boy with short hair.


Anyone with information regarding this case or the possible location of J’Asiah Mitchell, please contact the DeKalb Police HAU at 770-724-7850 or dial 911.


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